DJ Workshops
In autumn 2020, the F96 Dj workshop series began. Each workshop will be run by a different facilitator, have its own thematic focus and take place in a different music/cultural institution. The long-term goal is to connect different scenes, cities, genres, skills, institutions and people while promoting knowledge exchange and education among women, intersex and non-binary people.


Have taken place so far:
DU SON@ Cabane B in Bümpluz Nord, 1. July 2022
HOW TO DJ with Jenny Cara @ Club Zukunft ZH, October 2020
ABLETON with Belia Winnewisser @ F96 Atelier ZH,  September 2020

BEYOND BEATMATCHING with molekühl & Zunami @ Kraftfeld Winterthur
SYNTH-EXKURSION with Noria Lilt and Laure Betris @ Smem Playroom Fribourg

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