Summer Camp 2022: Anatomische Autonomie
F96 stands in solidarity with all those who seek autonomy over their bodies as well as those who choose to live authentically according to their gender identity. We support universal rights to autonomy over one’s body, to make decisions regarding one’s own pregnancy, sexual health, and access to health care related to these choices regardless of one's gender expression.

Accordingly, the profits from this event will support the Trans Safety Emergency Fund and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. Learn more: @transsafetyemergencyfund @ippf_global

20-21 Siebdruck Aktion
21-22 Second Daughter

22-23 Blanche Biau
23 - 00:30 Nina Hässig B2B Haku
00:30 - 02 Bex B2B Elsa Wurzel Ova
02-04 NVST 
04-06 Ashwini


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