The parasite parasitizes, nests in foreign bodies, it infiltrates existing systems and creates its own. New ones. We dedicated ourselves to the parasite on the one hand as a pest, on the other hand as an initiator of change and co-evolution. What can we learn from this ambivalent concept for our cultural and social coexistence and how can we use it fruitfully? With PARASITE, the collective F96 created a playground, a laboratory for artists and speakers from various fields. Starting December 1, contributions of various kinds were published online, examinating parasitic structures and social movements: We re-imagined the figure of the diva, questioned the possibilities of parasitic art and cultural creation and addressed the omnipresence of cultural appropriation. We learn from parasitic bodies and identities. Some fragments of PARASITE found their way into foreign circuits, blurring reality and fiction. 

For eight weeks, this temporary parasitic archive grew and pulsated as an autonomous organism, flooded with immersive sounds and visual disturbances - up to self-dissolution. 

Curated by F96
The project was part of the second cycle of the Gessnerallee theatre, programmed in collaboration with Lhaga Koondhor.


Lhaga Koondhor & Jamira Estrada – CATERPILLAR REMEDY

DIVAS – Notes and Letters in the Times of (c)risis

Paranoia City macht sich auf die Suche.
Nach Parasit*innen in Büchern.
Nach parasitären Texten.
Paranoia City fängt an zu graben.
In den grossen Büchertürmen.
Komm doch auch mit auf die Ausgrabungsreise des ParaSitären!

#1 Die Sommer, Ronya Othmann
#2 Alle Hunde sterben, Cemile Sahin
#3 Milchmann, Anna Burns 
#4 Tagebuchtage Tagebuchnächte, Ronja Fankhauser
#5 Friday Black, Storys, Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
#6 exitRASICM, rassismuskritisch denken lernen, Tupoka Ogette 

Tonie Brunschwiler – Kartüffel statt Kartoffel
Rezepte PDF

Viral Reload: Holistic Memetics – Deva Schubert & Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez (Link braucht Passwort)

PARASITE MIX – Leila Moon, Noria Lilt, Miss Sheitana, I-vye

Culturally appropriate?, Angela Addo

Kulturelle Aneingnung und die Relevanz der Einbeziehung von Dekolonialität, Cinthya Soto (PDF)

Culturally appropriate? Sarah Farina und Fatima Moumouni im Gespräch

White hands like parasites, Sally Schonfeldt

Parasitäres Fördern, ein fiktiver Spaziergang – Regine Helbling und Eva-Maria Würth im Gespräch

Home Like You – Jil Dreyer, Yunus Ersoy, Josef Mehling