DJ Workshop Series

In autumn 2020, the F96 DJ Workshop Series was launched. Every workshop is led by a different individual, with a different thematic focus and in a different cultural institution. On the long run, the aim is to connect different scenes, cities, genres, skills, institutions and people and to foster the exchange and development of knowledge among women, intersex and non-binary people. 

Has taken place so far:

  • ABLETON mit Belia Winnewisser @ F96 Atelier ZH,  September 2020
  • HOW TO DJ mit Jenny Cara @ Club Zukunft ZH, Oktober 2020 


  • BEYOND BEATMATCHING mit molekühl & Zunami @ Kraftfeld Winterthur
  • SYNTH-EXKURSION mit Noria Lilt und Laure Betris @ Smem Playroom Fribourg

More are in planning