Dä chli Fritig

As a part of the ‘dä chli Fritig’ (‘tiny friday’) project at Kauz, F96 was invited to host one Thursday per month as programmers. We included DJ- and synthesizer workshops, a panel discussion about diversity in night life, a screening with Swiss directors, a jolly Raclette dinner and first and foremost intriguing and inspiring live music. 

Dec 5, 2019: Dä chli Fritig – that’s what she said
with Magda Drozd (live), Jenny (C A R A), F96 Chaos Group

Jan 9, 2020: Dä chli Fritig – CIDER DAY NIGHT FEVER
with Anissa Radványi (Amygdala, F96), Nicola Kazimir (Les Points, Mikro), Mandy Chong (Les Belles De Nuit), Oli Jordan (Klaus), Manon (ManonMania), Surfdancer (live), Dolce Amöre b2b. Ms. Hyde, Sandrita

Feb 6, 2020: Dä chli Fritig – scho überredet
with Jamira Estrada, Irene, Acid Amazonians (live), Tikitula, Зарина

Mar 5, 2020: Dä chli Fritig – show your mov(i)es
with Rapid Eye Movement, Zart Strøm, Jamira Estrada und folgenden Schweizer Regisseur*innen: Chanelle Eidenbenz, Luisa Ricar, Natascha Vavrina, Chiara Schawalder, Julia Genesis, Taina Pezlo und Fabian Lütholf