Artcon x F96

Tonica at Haus Eber - A collaboration with Artcon

From Nov 27 to Nov 29, 2020, the “Tonica im Haus Eber” Festival took place in a vacant restaurant at Herdernstrasse 56. It was organised by Artcon, a newborn association actively fostering Zurich’s network of artists and art lovers. 

The week-end program was dedicated to the local scene of electronic music. Besides a vinyl market and panel discussions, we were invited to host two DJ workshops on Friday, led by TVBXS, slambear (Fagdom), Sandrita (Midnight Snack) and yungpornobüsi. 

On Saturday, the two F96 members envoituresimona and Maxine Yolanda contributed their musical art. The recorded live stream is available here:,, By the way, you can listen to the exciting panel discussion "where will we dance tomorrow?" (in german) with Jenny Kamer, Christiana Stella and Christian Gamp here: