We are F96

Sustained by women, intersex and non-binary people, F96 is offering an open and inclusive platform.We wish to provide spaces for exchange, encounter and skill sharing. To open up discussions, to reflect on collective structures and to build a network of mutual support. We are committing to the representation of women, intersex and non-binary people in socially relevant positions. Collectively, we are establishing a safe framework to allow for ideas to emerge, grow and to be realised. Borders can be bended, blasted or displaced. Thinking spaces may be opened for utopias to bloom. Structures must be questioned and analysed. Eventually, we desire to act with a concrete project practice, operating internally as well as in public.

We are engaged in various fields such as music, culture and the development and diffusion of feminist and queer issues. Hereby, we strive to counter the underrepresentation of women, intersex and non-binary people.

Standing on the shoulders of all those preceding us, we are extending our antennae and reaching out to diverse agents to rearrange the bricks of our future collectively.